Wicker Outdoor Sectionals in Cool Urban Styles

Amazing Wicker Outdoor Sectionals

A refreshing gust of air rushes across your deck. On a hot summer evening, you are having your friends over for a glass of fine wine and hors-d’oeuvres. You love entertaining, especially outside, and the weather plays nice. Everybody is upbeat and enjoys being hosted by you. Engaged conversations with new acquaintances and old friends ensue as the evening progresses. Food and drinks contribute to the good mood that you have set the tone for.

A great backyard needs great furniture. You want your guest to be comfortable. The luxury patio set from Velago is the pivot point of the scene. With lots of space for the whole party, people love lounging in the deep seats. The trendy urban style furniture is not only comfy but also complements well with the outside of your home. Just as you planned it.

Wicker outdoor sectionals from Velago come in different forms and shapes. The fully modular GRANDE allows a multitude of set-ups, from an L-shape to cozy lounge seats. The compact Sano comes in black wicker with a chaise. Go big or go home with the Maxima set, which offers seating for 8. Depending on set-up, it covers an area of approx. 15 by 10 feet.

Who wouldn’t want their backyard to look like that lounge on the cool urban restaurant patio. Hang out with friends in style, relax and chat, sungaze or read that inspiring book you have on your bucket list. What a great way to spend a weekday evening or a Sunday afternoon!

With Velago it can be done and you don’t have to spend a fortune either. Our sale prices make sure, the customer is always the winner. There is a reason why you are choosing a domestic company. As a Canadian online retailer, Velago is always close to you. Based in Ontario, we operate with the same ethics and values that you are also familiar with.

× Barletta Outdoor Wicker Patio Set by Velago Wicker Patio Set - Model BARLETTA
1 x $799.00
× Fiori Outdoor Bistro Set by Velago Outdoor Folding Bistro Set Blue - Model FIORI
1 x $299.00
× outdoor fiori bistro set by velago Outdoor Folding Bistro Set White - Model FIORI
1 x $299.00
× outdoor aluminum dining set by Velago Patio Dining Set White - Model CATANIA
1 x $599.00
× wicker outdoor dining set for 8 by Velago Outdoor Dining Set - Model CHIASSO 8
1 x $1,699.00
× Wicker outdoor dining set for 6 by Velago Outdoor Dining Set - Model CHIASSO 6
1 x $1,499.00
× 3 seat wicker couch Sofa 3 Seater Patio Set - Model CREMA
1 x $799.00
× outdoor modular sectional sofa by Velago Outdoor Lounge Set - Model GRANDE
1 x $1,999.00
× Sectional outdoor lounge set by Velago Outdoor Lounge Set - Model GENEROSO
1 x $2,199.00
× white wicker outdoor conversation set by Velago Outdoor Lounge - Model GENEROSO White
1 x $2,199.00
× White Wicker Outdoor Sofa Set With Chaise by Velago Outdoor Sofa Set - SANO White
1 x $1,299.00
× outdoor wicker lounge chair by Velago Patio Lounge Chair Grey - Model VASTO
1 x $499.00
× wicker outdoor lounge chair by Velago Patio Lounger Chair Brown - Model VASTO
1 x $499.00
× Outdoor Wicker Daybed with Canopy by Velago Resin Wicker Canopy Daybed - SOGNO
1 x $1,199.00
× convertible daybed and conversation set by Velago Outdoor Loveseat - SOGNO DELUXE
1 x $1,299.00
× Outdoor Wicker Lounge Chair by Velago Outdoor Lounge Chair - PERUGIA
1 x $399.00
× Firenze Outdoor Wicker Lounge Chair by Velago Outdoor Lounge Chair - FIRENZE
1 x $349.00
Subtotal:: $17,933.00

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