Indoor Sofas

In most living rooms and family rooms, the sofa is the largest and often most expensive piece of the furniture in the room. As a focal point piece, there are many factors to take into consideration while choosing the ideal sofa for your living space.

When it comes to choosing a sofa, size matters. Too large, and it will overwhelm your room, making it look cluttered. Too small, and it can have a tendency to look ridiculous. As a general rule, you allow at least 18 inches between your sofa and coffee table at least 7 feet between your sofa and television.

If you are furnishing a room from scratch, then you’ll have more options when it comes to selecting the style, colour and material of your sofa. However, if there are already other pieces of furniture in the room, be sure to consider how these pieces will fit together with your new sofa.

As one of the most used pieces of furniture in a living room, quality is also of utmost importance. Whether your sofa is a haven for you to nap after a long day at work; a hangout for the kids during their Saturday morning cartoons; or a gathering place to watch the big game, you’ll want a piece that you can enjoy for years to come.

At Velago, we are proud to offer a wide range of sofa styles including sectionals, sofa beds as well as complete sofa sets. Browse our competitively priced selection from the comfort of your home computer or stop by our showroom today.

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