Coffee Tables

It used to be that coffee tables were pretty standard in their appearance and function. That is no longer the case. While they have retained much of their utilitarian nature, today coffee tables can also be works of art, adding your own personal style to your living space.

At Velago, we offer coffee table styles to fit in with both modern and traditional d├ęcor. Whether your preference leans toward stained wood, lacquered wood or even aluminum, our professional staff can help you find the piece perfectly suited to your space.

In considering the size and style of your coffee table, be sure to take into account your room size and how well it will go with any other pieces of furniture that you intend to keep in the space. As a general rule, you should allow for at 18 inches between your coffee table and your sofa.

Additionally, you should consider how you would like your coffee table to function. For example, are you looking for a streamlined piece that serves only as a surface to sit your drink? Or do you want to opt for a piece that offers storage solutions as well?

Take some time to browse our online catalog of quality coffee tables, or if you prefer stop by our showroom. Our professional staff would be pleased to help you select the piece that works best for your living space and lifestyle.

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