Our Current Specials on Discount Patio Furniture

Our discounted patio furniture is a great way to relax and enjoy yourself while also receiving significant savings on a patio set or piece of furniture that you have had your eye on. Our high quality outdoor furniture is designed for your comfort, and to wow your guests. Create an elegant outdoor space with our discount patio furniture that will have you feeling just as comfortable lounging outside as you are in a cozy living room.

Wicker Patio Furniture

Our wicker patio furniture is available in sets and as individual pieces. Wicker patio furniture makes excellent conversation pieces and is just as suitable in the city as they are for your cottage. Velago Patio Furniture carries discounted patio furniture sets, chairs, sofas and loveseats, loungers and accessories such as wicker boxes for cushions, outdoor fireplaces, rain and winter covers, cushion covers and more. With our discount patio furniture you will find what you have been looking for to complete the look of your outdoor space.

Commercial Patio Furniture

Our commercial patio furniture collection contains all of the outdoor furniture for your hospitality business such as hotels, restaurants, bed and breakfasts and spas, in addition to any commercial space that has an outdoor area where customers and clients are encouraged to rest and relax. All of our commercial patio furniture is high quality, durable and built to stand the test of time. The furniture is guaranteed to provide a safe and comfortable experience for your customers. Our discounted patio furniture for business includes various loungers, conversation sets, bistro sets, dining tables and daybeds.

For restaurants, discount patio sets are ways to differentiate your business from the competition and for hotels and condos, our modern patio furniture will complement your contemporary designs and brand. This can all be achieved on almost any budget. Fitness centres and spas love our discounted patio furniture because it increases their guest’s enjoyment when they visit and offers opportunities for relaxation, conversation and designer quality furniture with a significantly reduced price tag.

Patio Seating Sets

Our patio seating sets are perfect for lounging on a veranda or porch and are just as comfortable as they are gorgeous. Our discounted patio furniture sets will instantaneously give your home a unique look and charm that will captivate and delight guests. Wicker patio seating sets make great conversation pieces but typical high prices have been limiting to the average home or business. Our discounted patio seating sets provide this luxury at a fraction of the cost.

Outdoor Dining Sets

From bistro seating to large wicker dining sets we carry a vast selection of luxurious and exquisite sets for dining that can accommodate small or large groups of people. Whether you host only a couple of friends or have a commercial business with an outdoor seating area, our discount patio furniture is recommended for any use. Our furniture has a focus on high quality and style, and our customers love that they can dine in beauty and comfort, without paying the designer prices.

Outdoor Chairs

We sell outdoor chairs for beside the pool, as extras to go with your outdoor patio sets and to complement any patio furniture. Having extra chairs is ideal for summer parties and large groups at restaurants and spas. All of our chairs are affordably priced and built for style and durability.

Lounge Chairs and Daybeds

Our most popular items are the lounge chairs and daybeds. They have so many uses from lounging at the side of the pool, on the beach and even for the evenings of stargazing, romantic evenings, parties and celebrations. Our wicker lounge chairs are unique, comfortable and look great in any space. We also offer canopy daybeds and canopy loveseats that look stunning and are comfortable for enjoying a glass of wine or a snack in the comfort of your outdoor space. The canopy daybeds are perfect for providing protection from the sun while enjoying a romantic moment in the garden or backyard.

Outdoor Umbrellas

Our discounted patio furniture also includes accessories such as outdoor umbrellas to shield your dining and lounge area from the rain or sun. Our outdoor umbrellas are high quality and feature innovative designs. These are great accent pieces to complement your patio furniture sets whether you are purchasing patio umbrellas for your home or commercial space.

Everything you need in one place
We are delighted to have found ways to reduce the cost of our products and to make discount patio furniture available to customers from all walks of life. We purchase products directly from the manufacturers so all of our products are available without the associated costs of buying and shipping from the supplier or other third party sources.

Great Deals
As our commitment to the durability and high quality of our products we offer a 12 month limited warranty on all of our discount patio furniture sets. We also offer our customers a chance to send their patio furniture sets back within 14 days for a full refund, if they are not fully satisfied. We provide the peace of mind in knowing that we stand behind our products 100% of the way, and want our customer’s to be completely delighted with their new patio furniture.

Quality Furniture
We are happy to answer any questions that you may have about our outdoor patio furniture sets and accessories. Our team is available during our business hours and you can reach us by calling, 1-888-497-0188.

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