Outdoor Cushion Covers

Outdoor Cushion Covers

Cushion covers are the fashion your outdoor furniture wears

Cushion covers for outdoor furniture come in a large variety of materials, forms and colours.  While the cheaper in-store retailers often sell standardized cushions, which include the foam core as well as the cover, that option is usually not desirable. You are not able to just exchange the cover in case the foam core looses its shape. You will be forced to buy a whole new cushion.  It makes sense to have both parts separated, this enables you not only to change colours, it also lets you choose a fabric that most closely meets your needs.

The trade-off with patio furniture cushion covers is often convenience vs. comfort.  Vinyls and faux leathers are extremely convenient, they don’t get wet and are super easy to clean. Traditional fabrics tend to lack those qualities.  Their strengths are comfort, the softness that we know from our indoor furniture, such as fabric sofas or bed linens.  No fabric is perfect when exposed to the elements, but it has been possible to overcome some of their weaknesses compared to other materials.

UV-optimized pigments make outdoor fabrics more resistant against sunrays, minimizing the fading.  Coatings help repel water, so the cover does not get soaked easily.  It has almost become common in the market place, that cushion covers for outdoor furniture are water repellent.  Please do not make the mistake of confusing water repellent with waterproof.


Heavy rain will definitely soak your cushions.  The water will find its way past zippers and fabric seams to the core of the cushion (in most cases polyurethane foam), which will absorb the water.  Water repellent coating will not prevent that, but it will protect the cushion cover from accidental spills or occasional drops of rain.
Please take good care of your cushions by taking them inside into the dry when you are not using them.  A rain cover can also help for protection overnight or during a summer storm, along with the added convenience of not having to move cushions around.

Velago offers cushion covers made from polyester, a fabric that feels nice and is very comfortable.  It gives you the feel of indoor furniture in your garden. While we do not offer a large variety of colours, we have focused on providing you with the most in demand hues for modern outdoor furniture.  We are able to offer these at sensationally low prices. If you do not find a fabric material or colour that appeals to you, there is always the possibility of having the cushion covers custom made. A seamstress or upholsterer may be able to sew slipcovers for you in any kind of fabric or shade. We would be able to give you dimensions of our cushions, should you decide to go down that road. Velago cushion covers are made from carefully chosen fabrics to vitalize your backyard living.

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