Aluminum Frames

Aluminum Frames

Aluminum Frames – Best quality materials for patio furniture

Velago offers quality outdoor furniture with aluminum frames. The metal has become very popular in patio furniture for multiple reasons.  Most prominently, aluminum shows hardly any signs of corrosion, i.e. it will not rust. It can also be easily welded and has a very stable, yet lightweight structure.
The latest feature made it extremely popular for use in high-end sports gear such as bicycles. In outdoor furniture, we strive for similarly sturdy frames as well as for durability. Aluminum delivers on those promises and helps us build strong and long lasting furniture.

Another advantage is aluminum’s inherent flexibility. If you happen to have a bend or a dent in one of your outdoor sofa frames e.g., you will be able to bend it back, using the right technique and tools, without the material cracking or breaking.  This short video will show you how.
The aluminum used in Velago patio furniture is:
•    Resistant against the elements: heat, frost, rain
•    Rust free
•    Water resistant
•    Solid, lightweight construction
•    Low maintenance
•    100% recyclable

Aluminum has long started conquering our homes. Take the kitchen for example; almost every modern home counts on appliances made from aluminum.  Dishwashers, oven ranges and refrigerators are all the most popular to use the material, often in a brushed steel look.

Not only does this make a contribution to the modern appeal of a home, sturdy lightweight construction and easy maintenance further explain why the metal has become so prevalent.

With outdoor furniture, aluminum is a more recent occurrence. The more traditional metal designs (often wrought iron) bring some substantial disadvantages with them.  While not everyone will mind the weight of iron furniture, it requires more maintenance and is always at risk of rusting.

Aluminum on the other hand, heats up less in the sun and is less likely to burn you when you happen to touch the frame, something that might be an issue with wrought iron furniture.

Aluminum is a more expensive choice for your outdoor furniture, but well worth it.  All of our manufacturers are  well versed in perfectly welding the frames, building sturdy and durable furniture for our customers.

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