All Weather Resin Wicker

All Weather Resin Wicker

All-Weather Resin Wicker for Highest Expectations

Resin wicker was designed predominantly for use in outdoor furniture. It looks like natural rattan wicker, but is made of synthetic fibres. While natural rattan has been used for centuries to produce artfully woven furniture, its plastic based counterpart has been created to maintain the same natural look, and at the same time eliminating the challenges associated with maintenance. The synthetic material only requires minimal upkeep and is extremely durable.

Rattan was originally harvested to produce baskets and furniture. Rattan is very elastic and also sturdy and, therefore perfect to produce furniture. Rattan is woven into wicker, the end result are those comfortable deep seating wicker chairs that we all know from our grandparents.

However, natural wicker is not very resistant against the elements. That is why most natural wicker furniture is used indoors in a sunroom or solarium nowadays.

Resin wicker is a very similar looking material. However, it is much more resistant against the elements. Made from polyethylene, the synthetic fibres make resin wicker extremely durable, resistant against the sun’s UV-rays as well as against humidity and water. While with traditional wicker, the colour is painted onto the furniture, the colour of all-weather wicker is contained within the fibre. Consequently, it has a much longer life span and maintains the elegant visual appeal of the patio furniture. Resin wicker is also very elastic and sturdy, providing for great stability and seating comfort, those exact features that traditional wicker is known for.

Furthermore, resin wicker requires much less maintenance. It is very easy to clean; dirt can simply be hosed off. Colours are UV resistant and do not require to be re-painted.

Resin Wicker & The Environment

The resin wicker used in our patio sets is 100% recyclable. Due to its very long life span, our resin wicker furniture is an excellent environmental choice.
It is not surprising that resin wicker has become the material of choice for swimming pool lounge chairs, patio dining sets, outdoor sofas and lounges and bistro sets for condos and cafes. The new modern designs have boosted the high popularity of resin wicker furniture and it has become the new trend in the entertainment industry for patio parties, outdoor dining and lounging.

Read more about resin wicker on wikipedia.

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