Contemporary Outdoor Dining Sets at Discount Prices

Create Your Contemporary Patio Dining Area

What could be nicer than to have a healthy meal with the family in your own backyard?

Having a tight budget does not have to limit your options when looking at contemporary outdoor dining sets. Well designed furniture will satisfy your needs towards functionality and maintenance. Velago offers a variety of different styles and materials at an affordable price point, giving you the choice of whatever works best for your home and garden.

Conventional North American distribution practices build on local stores. But expensive retail locations have a negative impact on the price of the product. That’s why Velago has chosen a different approach. Operating online, we don’t need the infrastructure of stores and can pass all those savings on to you. With our direct buy system, we can further reduce cost by eliminating intermediaries. This enables us to provide our customers with furniture at discount prices.

With friends visiting, there needs to be ample space at the table. No problem, we’ve got you covered. Our large size patio dining sets can accommodate everyone.

If you don’t mind a little bit of upkeep, you might like the modern VITALE with its smooth teak slats on a sleek stainless steel frame. Going all maintenance free, the VERNIO or NARDO will make sense. The latter is especially popular for families with kids. Rust-free aluminium frames with HDPE tops (aka poly wood) provide for an extremely durable set on your patio. Spills and dirt will wipe-off easily. Hassle-free, even with the messiest eaters.

The wicker lovers will rave about our CHIASSO 8 or CHIASSO 6, which match most of our wicker conversation sets. A grown-up only setting is achieved with the AMBRI outdoor bar set. Great for having drinks as well as for dining al fresco. Many pleasant gatherings are guaranteed; happy family, happy life!

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